Google Chrome- How Cool This Web Browser Is?

Want to know more about your Google Chrome web browser, you are in the right place. This article is all about Google Chrome web browser.  

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Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google in the year 2008. Firstly, this web browser was only for Windows users but after some time, Mac and Android users also got the privilege of using the Google Chrome web browser. Chrome became popular in less time and attracted many users towards it. Now 65% of users worldwide are using Google Chrome browser are using this web browser as their default browser. It passed the Acid1 and Acid2 tests for satisfying the web standards.  

Let us know some of the unique features of Chrome browser: 

  1. Security feature


Google Chrome keeps updating it security policy always for keeping it web browser secure. It has also updated their two policies, phishing and malware which warn the users when they are visiting any of the flagged websites which can harm their system. It also uses an allocation model which doesn’t interact with critical memory functions.  

But the main flaw which was detected in the Chrome browser was not including the master password in its web browser which automatically results in not providing real security. It gives hackers a chance to attack.  

You can contact the Google Chrome technical support team for any technical assistance on this web browser by clicking the website Chrome Customer Support 


  1. Privacy Feature

Chrome browser includes “Incognito” mode as a privacy feature which prevents the web browser from storing any information or cookies permanently. This feature is similar to private browsing feature in others like Safari or Mozilla browser.  You can also switch between your Incognito tab and the regular tab.  According to your need, you can use this privacy feature of Google Chrome.  


  1. Google Chrome Speed

Due to the presence of JavaScript virtual machine, the speed of Google Chrome web browser is fast. It helps in the generation of dynamic code and also helps in garbage collections. When the benchmark test was performed in Google Chrome web browser, it passed it with great speed. The JavaScript engine has increased the speed of this web browser by 36% which makes it the best browsers among all. Earlier Chrome was using SPDY protocol but later on, started using HTTP protocol.  

This was all about the Google Chrome web browser. For knowing some other features of this web browser, go to the website